wisdom from my 20’s


  1. Even if you don’t find yourself in an ideal life situation, or you’re stuck in a rut: there are still endless opportunities to learn and grow–you just have to seek those things out.
  2. Spending money on the things you enjoy is not wasted.
  3. Don’t put a scale on suffering. It doesn’t hurt to support someone going through a tough time.
  4. Alone time is nice, but spending time than with those you care about? Even better.
  5. When someone is going through a difficult time: (1) don’t talk, just listen. (2) enjoy a day doing something fun/adventurous together. (reverse order works too)
  6. Know your roots. Know what you value, and revisit those things when you begin to doubt yourself.
  7. People’s stories bring more perspective and depth to life. Listen more, and listen better.


What are some of yours?


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