let go.



Failure is not absolute.

It hurts our ego, but in the process, loosens our grip. It may alter our course, but it allows us to reflect and rearrange.

It reminds me of Monster’s Inc: sometimes doors are destroyed when we make the “wrong” decisions. It’s devastating to watch. But shortly after, these are replaced with new doors, often ones that turn out to be better than the ones we would’ve chosen.



This season, I’m learning how to let go.

Letting go of the things I’ve lost from failure, poor decisions, missed opportunities.

Letting go makes life so much more bearable; you begin to see life as less fixed, and ironically, it gives you more control over your life.

Mourn as the door shreds, but once it’s gone, let it go. Don’t try to remember what it looked like; don’t try to hold onto how you felt watching it disappear. Instead, look up, and be in awe of what could potentially be behind the other doors.


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