2019: oh, how the turntables…



The tables: working a solid 9-4 job, applying to grad schools, settling in the Bay area.

The turntables: making an abrupt decision to teach in Korea.






Another turned table from the turntables: My blog for the next two years will take a sharp turn. (lol sorry.) I’m going to write about my experience as a Korean-American returning to my home(?) country, as well as my travels. Hopefully I’ll find non-touristy areas for any of y’all who are interested in indie/hole-in-the-wall places, and want to visit Korea in the future.

Stay tuned!





…And the last turned table from the turn tables of the turntables:

This post has turned into…a typical new year’s resolution post! Yay.



  1. To make videos once a month.
    Vlogs, travel, reflection videos–haven’t decided if I’ll publicize it, though. Mainly for the memories.
  2. To post on this blog at least twice a month, granted I’ll be super busy with work.
    To hopefully push me to go out more, try new things, and find creative inspiration.
  3. To join a self-defense gym.
    Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, or Boxing. Recommendations, anyone?
  4. To commit to a church.
  5. Treat myself (non-food related) once a month.
    (i.e. Hair, nails, clothes, day trip) To prevent burn-out, and maintain a healthy self-esteem.
  6. To always carry a book with me.
    Hopefully I’ll finish a book each month? Maybe I’m stretching.
  7. To become a regular at a café.
    Bonus points if they remember my order. What…no, I’m not trying to find a barista oppa… 😉
  8. To plan and complete a creative project once every three months.
    To grow my creativity–becoming an art therapist is still my long-term goal.



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