rome wasn’t built in a day

We all know it wasn't. History classes taught us rome was one of the most complex cities of all time. concrete. aqueducts. roman vaults. the great colosseum. blah blah.   I mean look at this: Crazy stuff.   I was helping my friend with her Spanish essay, and the objective was to observe a common … Continue reading rome wasn’t built in a day


song of the day

함께-노을 / Together 우리 힘들지만 함께 걷고 있었다는것 그 어떤 기쁨과도 바꿀수는 없지 복잡한 세상을 해결할 수 없다해도 언젠가는 좋은 날이 다가 올 거야 It was hard but we were walking together You can’t change that with any other happiness Even if we can’t solve this complicated world Some day, good days will come again … Continue reading song of the day